Effective business support services

Business support services are organised efforts to enhance the competitiveness of the regional economy involving private business, public bodies and/or academic institutions on a region or sector basis. In order to assess the effectiveness of business support services, firms involved in cluster initiatives were asked to rate the services provided by the organisation managing the initiative. The support services assessed included:

  • The acquisition of third party funding (e.g. public funding)
  • Information, matchmaking and exchange of experience among cluster participants (internal networking)
  • Matchmaking and networking with external cooperation partners and/or the promotion of the cluster location
  • The internationalisation of cluster participants
  • The development of human resources (e.g. training and education, recruitment)
  • The development of entrepreneurship
  • Collaborative technology development or technology transfer or R&D (without third party funding)

Business support servicesSummary of findings

  • There is a lack of effective business support services in all the regions surveyed.
  • There are differences in the effectiveness of business support services across the three emerging industries.
  • Ratings for the eco industries are relatively high but remain unfavourable for most services.
  • Effective business support services are most lacking in the creative industries.
  • Firms assessed all business support services as being weaker compared to non-firm stakeholders.