Policy roadmap

Policy roadmapThe European Forum for Clusters in Emerging Industries (EFCEI) was established by the European Commission in January 2012 through the ‘Extension of the European Cluster Observatory: Promoting better policies to develop world-class clusters in Europe’ to explore how cluster policies and programmes can facilitate and support the development of emerging industries and hence create future competitive advantages with high economic value for Europe.

The European Forum for Clusters in Emerging Industries consists of 15 members and 4 observers, including policymakers, academics, cluster managers and cluster experts, selected following a call for expression of interest.

The Forum met four times in the period running from February 2012 to June 2013 to discuss and validate findings from the extension of the European Cluster Observatory relating to the identification and analysis of emerging industries and to the role of clusters in fostering their development, and to provide and discuss information about relevant public policies developed and implemented at regional, national and international level, aimed at supporting emerging industries through clusters.

The objective of the Forum was to produce a “Policy Roadmap” for the implementation of policies to promote the development of emerging industries through clusters and cluster initiatives in Europe.

The Policy Roadmap introduces a set of horizontal and sectoral recommendations for the development of emerging industries in Europe with a specific focus on the role of clusters and cluster initiatives. Actions should be undertaken at EU, national and regional levels to implement these recommendations.


Policy Roadmap - Actions for new linkages needed: A policy roadmap for stimulating emerging industries (PDF, 581KB)