Methodology report: cluster-specific framework conditions for world-class clusters in emerging industries

Framework conditions methodologyIn order to analyse industry-specific framework conditions for the development of world-class clusters, methodologies were developed for:

  • Identifying and mapping the relevant industry-specific framework conditions and applying this methodology to three emerging industries
  • Collecting and analysing the data on the presence of the identified industry-specific framework conditions in a cluster/region and applying this methodology to three emerging industries.

In the case of the former, the emergence of industries was assessed through the dynamics of six life-cycle stages depicted in the figure below.

An online survey was also launched to benchmark European “hot spots” against leading international competitors with respect to the attractiveness of the seven categories of framework conditions (financial, industrial, market, cultural, knowledge, regulatory and policy, and support framework conditions). The online survey covered three emerging industries, namely: “creative industries”; “eco industries”; and “mobile services”. On the basis of the online survey’s results, desk research and interviews, three emerging industry case studies were drafted.