Analysis of industry-specific framework conditions for the development of world-class clusters in mobile services

Mobile services case studyMobile services industries comprise companies whose activities enable the provision of telecommunication, information, and entertainment services, including voice, internet, SMS, text, and other data services. The objective of the case study on mobile services industries is to analyse which framework conditions are favourable for their emergence, and specifically how policy makers can influence the development of this industry.

Summary of findings

Drivers and obstacles

  • Several different framework conditions are important in the Precursor Stage and throughout the entire industry emergence cycle.
  • Collaboration partners and support framework conditions are more important in later stages of the industry emergence cycle.

Policy recommendations

  • Increase investment in next generation technology and networks by providing incentives for private companies to invest in these technologies.
  • Further improve mobile market liberalisation.
  • Increase and enhance policy measures for supporting the internationalisation of companies, e.g. through the representation of the region abroad and regional support for inward investment activities.