The extension of the European Cluster Observatory (ECO) project has launched additional studies to improve specific analysis and information provision related to emerging industries. The overall objective is to assist Member States and regions in designing strategies to develop new, globally competitive advantages in emerging industries through clusters, and in this way strengthen the role of cluster policies in the rejuvenation of Europe’s industry as part of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

Emerging industries can be defined as the establishment of an entirely new industrial value chain, or the radical reconfiguration of an existing one, driven by a disruptive idea (or convergence of ideas), leading to turning these ideas/opportunities into new products/services with higher added value. The definitions of emerging industries are detailed in the methodology report for the classification of the most active, significant and relevant new emerging industrial sectors. A detailed economic and geographic analysis was conducted to identify emerging industry hotspots across Europe. European maps and country maps for a range of indicators can be explored in the emerging industries mapping section of the website.

The European Cluster Excellence Scoreboard Pilot Version measures regional strength in emerging industries and presents results in the fields of creative industries, eco industries and mobile services. The methodology applied by the scoreboard is described in more detail in a separate methodology report.

The scoreboard results are complemented by three case studies on industry-specific framework conditions for the development of world-class clusters in creative industries, eco industries and mobile services. The methodology for the case studies is described in a separate report on the identification and benchmarking of ideal framework conditions.

A policy roadmap prepared by the European Forum for Clusters in Emerging Industries (EFCEI) introduces recommendations for actions for new linkages to promote the development of emerging industries through clusters in Europe.