Lightheadedness, Headaches and fatigue. If you do, they can make you feel like you have the flu. [ Read: Iodine Deficiency ]. It is often difficult to make the diagnosis between basilar-type migraine and hemiplegic migraine. reported a case of hearing loss accompanied with severe headache and dizziness after a 0.5 Tesla MRI without hearing protection [10]. Do Eye Floaters Cause Some Harm if Not Treated? Neck pain, or a stiff neck, involves discomfort and possibly soreness in the neck. TMJ Migraine & Headaches: How TMJ hurts Although temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) originates in your jaw, its symptoms can be far-reaching. When you are getting up, do so very slowly. - + Miragine War. Then about two years ago when I was 20, I was diagnosed with Bipolar II (mother has clinical Anxiety and Depression, but never diagnosed Bipolar). I would like some advice about pain management for lung cancer with secondaries in the brain causing headaches, vertigo, cold sweats and nausea. & furnace installation services in Winchester VA. high fever shivering games give you chills diarrhea nausea fever aches sore throat no fever.